Sunday, October 6, 2013


every other summer, kay and terry rent out a gorgeous house at whidbey island. we lounge, we eat, we explore, we crab, we boat, we comb the beach, we try to find the perfect shells, we try to get excited about finding the perfect shells (right maggie?), we have precious cousin time, we have precious adult time. we experience what it is to be a family. all together, bundled in one house, sharing beds and bathrooms and mealtimes and everything. sharing LIFE. the past two times i got to experience whidbey as a marvel, i was pregnant. i had the unique opportunity to peek into the future - to when our kids would get to experience this truly special time. we are here. i saw it for the first time this year. and it was beautiful. not to mention, this was my first time where i got to have wine and lime-a-ritas on the beach. this year, we had family poker and the kids camping outside in a tent and pizza at langley with the girls and sandwiches and pie at knead and feed and painting shells and luke catching a salmon and amazing dinners and hardworking crabbers and fishermen and celebrating a very special 60th b-day (complete with personalized song and hand motions by the grandkids). so many, many memories that we and our kiddos will have for all of our lives. there are few things that make my heart happier. until next time, marvels and christies. thank you.

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