Thursday, December 19, 2013

a hero in the making.

luke's football hero for almost all of his life has been steve largent. forget the ones who've come and gone - his highest admiration has been steadily reserved for number 80. he still wears his largent jersey for most every game, and on those home games at century link, people know him as "largent" rather than "luke."

for years my husband has petitioned to hang his largent poster in our living room and i've laughed at him and said no way in the world. i have a feeling that the poster will make its way onto our walls one day, but no way EVER in our living room. but somewhere. sorry, steve.

i've quietly watched this largent admiration and found myself admiring something right back - the fact that my husband, the great man that he is, picked someone like that to look up to. not only was largent a great player on the field, he was a man worth respecting in his daily life. luke is the biggest football fan in the world and i'm glad he chose a player like that to call his football hero. i'm glad he saw at an early age that being the fastest, strongest, most popular athlete doesn't matter as much as what spills out of your heart.

last season, we were introduced to a guy named russell wilson. i liked him immediately because, well,  he seemed like a bit of an underdog. he was short. not well known. a third round draft pick. a scrambler. and he was good. just when you thought he had no where to go, he'd make something happen. he'd sneak out of a sack, scramble down the field, throw a hail mary and connect. and off the field, he was humble and optimistic. he seemed like a good team leader. and i loved how he'd end every interview with "go hawks." i was becoming a fan. pretty quickly i learned that wilson was more than just a great talent. he was someone who wasn't afraid to tell people he loved jesus, someone who served and witnessed and wanted to make a difference.

and then something started happening. we starting winning. he got us excited and made us feel like we were winning, too.

in the meantime, i saw caleb watching this guy. closely. playing alongside with wilson as he watched him on tv. throwing the ball in the air and saying "he got it! wilson! we got this!"

so last year, as the hawks were making a play for the playoffs, i took my boy to the seahawks team shop and bought him a wilson jersey. he was ecstatic, proudly wearing his number 3 jersey and more than excited to show dad. the reaction we got; however, was a little unplanned. luke looked at me, then looked at caleb, then looked back and me again and just shook his head. apparently, we weren't supposed to buy authentic team jerseys for a three year old. apparently luke didn't even have a jersey that nice. apparently i should have waited.

but caleb was so on board the wilson train that luke couldn't help but let him keep it. i'm so glad that he did. that jersey has seen so much. almost every seahawks game for two seasons. almost every friday at school. he'd wear it every day if we'd let him. and that little 3t jersey has come to represent so much of  this irreplaceable time with my three year old boy.

caleb is certainly luke's son. a boy who loves football. and a boy who is choosing the right people to want to emulate.

and we will make sure he celebrates wilson's rare talents, but also make sure he sees how wilson points to the sky after every touchdown. how he volunteers at Children's Hospital every week with his wife. how he gives all the credit to jesus.

maybe, just one day maybe, caleb will try to convince his wife to hang his wilson poster in their living room. and i will maybe, just maybe, empathize with them both.

go hawks.


  1. Must be the preggo hormones, but I'm crying. I love it. I love Russell. I love Caleb. I love the Hawks. I love Luke. I love your writing. I love it all.

  2. Very Nice. Brings back great memories of Luke & I as he was growing up. Throwing the football & pretending he was Largent & I was Zorn while we talked & laughed together. I can see that with Caleb & Luke, special times coming.........